Our Financial Assistance

Everyone is Welcome.

The Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA is a membership organization committed to being open and accessible to everyone in the communities it serves.¬ We promise to never turn anyone with financial need away from YMCA membership, programs or services because of an inability to pay.¬ We keep this promise by providing Financial Assistance to everyone who qualifies.¬ 

A recent Letter to the Editor about YMCA Financial Assistance by our President & CEO

What is YMCA financial assistance?
If you are unable to afford the full cost of a YMCA membership or program, we offer Financial Assistance to subsidize your costs.¬†¬†If you have recently experienced a life change such as job loss or increased medical expenses, you are not alone!¬ The YMCA is here to serve you and strengthen our community during difficult economic circumstances.

How is the amount of financial assistance determined?
We use a sliding fee scale based on total household income and the number of household members. We require supporting documentation to verify household size and income, and we consider special circumstances when providing assistance.

How long does my financial assistance last?
Financial assistance is evaluated semi-annually for membership, day camp, and child care and by the program session for program classes.

How is confidential information handled?
Only YMCA staff will see your application. Applications are kept confidential and are not used for any other purpose than to assess need.

Is financial assistance available from all Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA branches?
Yes.¬ Financial assistance is granted by the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA and is applicable at all five branches and off site locations. Please request assistance at the branch that best meets your needs.

How do I apply?
Complete a confidential financial assistance application. Financial assistance applications must be provided before the Membership application can be processed.
To process your application, we need the following information:

  • Completed Confidential Financial Assistance Application
  • A month's worth of recent pay stubs
  • The most recent 1040 Federal income tax form and/or a SSI allocation statement for ALL members of your household who have income.
  • Documentation relating to child support/alimony, if applicable, is required.

After I apply, how do I know if I qualified for financial assistance?
Please allow for at least two weeks for your application to be processed. Once your application has been reviewed and you qualify for financial assistance, you will be contacted by a member services representative from your local branch. At that time you will be informed of how much financial assistance you will receive and the procedure for registration.

Note: The YMCA reserves the right to refuse assistance to any applicant. Trained staff has the right to use their discretion when taking into account extenuating factors.

Financial Assistance General Information

  1. Should you choose to participate in YMCA programs and/or services prior to your financial assistance request being approved, you will be expected to pay the full fee for those programs and/or services.
  2. Participants are expected to meet the agreed upon payment schedule. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of financial assistance and YMCA privileges and/or impact future requests.
  3. Financial assistance recipients are expected to immediately advise the YMCA of changes in their financial status. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of the financial assistance, YMCA privileges, or impact future requests.
  4. Financial assistance recipients must reapply for re-evaluation when their status changes and/or annually for memberships and day camp, semi-annually for child care, and by the session for program classes.
  5. Child Care financial assistance is available on a weekly payment schedule only.

Click here to download an application or pick one up at the member services desk at the YMCA branch where you plan on applying.